Booking Terms

By making a booking you accept these terms and conditions of booking

1. About these terms

References in these terms and conditions (“terms”) to “Guest/you/your” are to the person making the booking. References to “we/us/our” mean Jim and Helena Taylor, of Henllys Ganol, Llanbedrog, Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 7PG.

These terms may be updated from time to time, any changes will be posted here.  These terms were last updated 6 April 2015.

2. Booking Confirmation

A booking for a stay at Bwthyn Cerrig (Stone Cottage) will only be accepted when we indicate our acceptance by email (or, if we elect to do so, via telephone) and the Guest’s booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of the Guest’s deposit (details of the deposit are set out below).  We reserve the absolute right to refuse any bookings.

3. Deposit & Payment

If a booking is made more than 6 weeks in advance, a non-refundable deposit of £250 (“Deposit”) is payable immediately in order to confirm the Guest’s booking.  The balance must be received by us no later than 6 weeks before first day of the Guest’s booking.

If the Guest books less than 6 weeks before the arrival date, payment of the total cost (including the deposit) shall be due immediately.

Unless otherwise specified, the booking price includes all taxes and costs including VAT. If VAT rates change before the date of a Guest’s booking, we reserve the right to amend prices accordingly.

4. Check-in & Check-out

Bookings run from Saturday to Saturday (except Christmas and New Year, which may vary).  Guests must not arrive earlier than 4.00pm on the start date of the booking, and must leave not later than 10am on the last day.

5. Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel or alter arrangements made for you whether before or during the relevant visit: (a) if any error or misunderstanding has arisen regarding availability, (b) in any circumstance which arises from, or is attributable to, any acts, omissions or failures which are beyond our reasonable control, or (c) if we consider it necessary to perform or complete essential remedial or refurbishment works. For the avoidance of doubt, if we cancel a Guest’s booking through no fault of such Guest and after accepting any monies from the Guest, we shall return such monies to the Guest promptly.

Cancellation by the Guest:  Non-payment of the balance of the booking price before the due date shall automatically cancel the booking and the Deposit shall be forfeited. The Guest may cancel their booking by giving us notice by email (or by speaking to us on the telephone – voicemail/telephone messages are not accepted for this purpose).

If the Guest cancels after payment of the Deposit, but before making any further payment, the Guest will not be liable to pay the remainder of the booking charge, provided such cancellation is made more than 6 weeks before the date of the booking (but, for the avoidance of doubt, shall not be entitled to a refund of the Deposit).

If the Guest cancels the booking for any reason following full payment of the booking charge, a refund of the booking price (less the Deposit) will be made to the Guest only if we re-let the cottage. On receipt of the cancellation notice, we will take reasonable steps to re-book the cottage for the booking period.  If we consider it necessary or appropriate we may discount the cost of the cancelled booking period for the replacement guest (for example, but without limitation, for bookings made at late notice), and, for the avoidance of doubt, we will only refund the Guest up to the amount recovered for the re-booking (up to the amount paid by the Guest) less the Deposit.

6. Occupancy & Further Rules

The number of persons occupying the property (including the Guest) must not exceed 6 people.  At least one of those must be over the age of 25. You may be permitted to bring one baby along by prior arrangement (a cot can be provided by prior arrangement).

The Guest is responsible at all times for his/her guests (i.e. the other occupants of the cottage).

The cottage is designed for family use – not for late-night raves, stag or hen groups.  Please be mindful of the other visitors and guests we have staying near by.  Henllys Ganol is a farm. We are lucky to have myriad animals and birds on the farm, and Guests (and their guests) must not harass, harm or disturb the animals or birds at any time.

The majority of the cottage has wooden flooring (the bedrooms are carpeted, the bathrooms are tiled and the porch has slate floors).  Guests and their guests must not wear stiletto heels or football boots (or similar) inside the cottage.

The Guest (and their guests) must not use the cottage or allow its use for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities or carry on there any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to us or to any of our visitors, guests or neighbours.  No fireworks, sky lanterns (or other lights or illuminations which have naked flames) may be let off anywhere inside or outside Bwthyn Cerrig or on Henllys Ganol farm.  Guests are permitted to have a properly controlled barbecue in the garden during their stay.

Guests (and their guests) must drive carefully while on the farm – taking care of people, children and animals, especially when reversing.  If you are not used to driving along country lanes, we recommend that you exercise extra care while driving on the Llyn Peninsula, especially during high and mid season, as other road users may drive around corners very quickly and often there will be limited space to accommodate two vehicles.

Sleeping in tents on the farm, or in vehicles parked in or around the cottage, is not permitted unless arranged with us in advance.

We hope you have a relaxing time at the cottage.  No business may be conducted from Bwthyn Cerrig by the Guest or any other occupants during the booking period.

Guests must (and the Guest must ensure that each of their guests) comply with all reasonable requests of the owners of Henllys Ganol farm and Bwthyn Cerrig.

We are entitled to refuse to hand over and to repossess the cottage if we reasonably believe that the spirit or letter of these terms are being or will imminently be broken.

7. Taking Care of the Cottage (Damage, Breakages, Loss, etc)

The Guest undertakes to take all reasonable and proper care of the cottage and its contents (including without limitation the furniture, the external parts of the cottage, the garden and its contents, and anything whatsoever supplied by us) during the period of their booking. The Guest undertakes to leave the property in the same state of repair, condition and tidiness as at the beginning of the stay. The Guest must notify us immediately of any breakages or damages (including stains, marks, etc). Don’t worry, we know that the odd glass will get broken. However, at our discretion, the Guest may be required to reimburse us in respect of any replacement, repair or any extra cleaning costs resulting from damages or breakages caused, or extra cleaning required, during the period when the Guest was responsible for the cottage.

CAUTION: The hens and peacock are friendly and inquisitive, so they may try to sneak into Bwthyn Cerrig if you aren’t careful – Guests should remember that they are responsible for any damage or mess that happens during their stay, so please DO be careful and keep the doors closed when you are not using them, as the hens could make quite a mess.

Guests (and their guests) are not permitted access the rest of Henllys Ganol farm without permission. This is for your (and their) own safety.

Please remember this one rule of the countryside: gates are closed for a reason. If you open a gate which was closed, wherever you are, please ensure you close it behind you.

8. Refundable/Damages Deposit

In addition to the non-refundable deposit, we reserve the right to charge a refundable deposit of £150 (or such other amount as we consider appropriate from time to time). This deposit is known as the ‘Refundable Deposit’, as the hope is that we can refund it!  The Refundable Deposit will be payable by the Guest at the beginning of their stay, and any breakages or other costs or charges which are set out in these terms and conditions will be deducted from the Refundable Deposit.  Any excess will be charged to the Guest in addition to the Refundable Deposit (for example, if the cost of any damage, theft or loss done to or suffered by Bwthyn Cerrig, its contents, its environs, the animals or us exceeds £150).  For the avoidance of doubt, if the costs associated with such breakages/damages/theft/loss are less than £150, the balance of the Refundable Deposit will be returned to the Guest within a reasonable time (which will not exceed 30 days after the check out date).  If the Guest (and their guests) do not vacate the cottage and return the keys by the check out time, notwithstanding our other rights and remedies (including without limitation our right to gain entry to, and repossess, Bwthyn Cerrig and eject the Guest and others) the Guest will forfeit the Refundable Deposit.

9. Pets

Sorry, pets are not allowed.

10. Smoking

Smoking is absolutely forbidden inside any part of Bwthyn Cerrig. If Guests (or their guests) smoke anywhere on Henllys Ganol farm (including, but not limited to, around Bwthyn Cerrig, the garden, etc) they must leave no trace.  It can be harmful to the animals/birds/wildlife. So no cigarette butts must be left around the cottage (including, but not limited to, the gardens and gravel around the cottage).  If there is any sign that anyone has smoked inside Bwthyn Cerrig (including the porch), a deep-cleaning fee of up to £400 will be charged.  Also, the Guest (and their guests) may be required to vacate Bwthyn Cerrig and no refund will be given. The Guest and their guests are also unlikely to be allowed back next year.

11. Linen & Towels

Bed linen will be provided. Each guest will receive one large towel and one hand towel. There are washing facilities in the cottage, so towels will not be changed part way through the booking unless the booking is for 2 weeks (in which case fresh towels and bedding will be provided on the second Saturday).

12. Keys

You will be provided with 2 sets of keys to the cottage.  If you damage or lose one or both sets of keys you will be charged £10 per lost or damaged set.

13. Heating & Energy

We ask Guests (and their guests) to use their common sense and try not to waste energy (e.g. by having the heating on whilst the windows are open).  No additional charge will be made for electricity, heating, gas, oil and water services, provided the cost of the electricity, heating, gas and oil used does not exceed £35 per week.  This should be ample for 6 people staying in a cottage of this size (charging phones, watching TV, using the heating sensibly, etc).  Guests will be charged for electricity, heating, gas and oil which exceed £35 per week.

14. Prices

Published prices may change at any time. However, if a Guest has already paid a deposit in respect of a particular week, the week for which they have paid a deposit (or paid in full) will not change from the price of which the Guest was informed at the time of booking.

15. Rights of Entry

We shall be allowed the right of entry and unrestricted access to Bwthyn Cerrig and its environs at all reasonable times for the purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance or to carry out any of our rights.

16. Liability

Save that nothing in these terms in any way limit or exclude our liability arising from death or personal injury arising from our negligence, or for fraud, we accept no liability for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience, which may be suffered, incurred, arrived out of, or in any way connect with the booking.

17. Accuracy of Information Provided

The information, photos and descriptions given on this website and other promotional and marketing materials are for guidance only. While every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, we shall not be liable for any incorrect or inaccurate information provided.

18. Complaints & Governing Law

Every care is taken to ensure that the cottage is presented to Guests to a high standard. Should you have any queries, or consider that there is a problem, or a cause for complaint, please contact us immediately (we can normally be found in the farm house). This does not affect your statutory rights.

These terms, the booking, and any dispute arising under or in connection with them, shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


We hope you have a wonderful stay. If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch.

Jim and Helena Taylor